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• SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (JAVA, C/C++, Python, PHP, LabView, etc)


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We provide turnkey Automation system solution (PLC, DCS, SCADA) from Idea/Concept, Engineering Design, Detail Engineering, Installation, Commissioning, Startup and Operation.

Our Principle

PT. DESTIN MANDIRI INTERNASIONAL ( DMI ) was established on January 2014 with main business providing on Automation system, Instrumentation & Control, System Integration and trading in industrial related products.   We provide turnkey Automation system solution (PLC, DCS, SCADA) from Idea/Concept, Engineering Design, Detail Engineering, Installation, Commissioning, Startup and Operation.

Our  Automation System solution appropriate with customer’s requirement, we will always ensure the customer concept and idea can be transformed  into a high quality and profitable product  through our technical expertise and experience.

DMI has an excellent skill and experienced man power to provide high quality product and service  which is at the end will give productivity and profit to our customer

Our strategic partnership with all stakeholder, Customer, Supplier, Vendor and Principle is the key success for our business growth

• Our Vision   “Become a leading company in Automation, Instrument & Control System to support costumer growth

• Our Mision “Provide and build good quality and value in every jobs scope with the professional and skillfull manpower”

 • Commitment

DMI has Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) to execute every project line with fully commitment in control, quality, safety, health, environment, and job safety analysis before the implementation.

 We will provide a multi discipline team with expertise in each of the critical areas to the success of project goal.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority through a consistent high quality product/service, in time project delivery and meeting project cost/budget

DMI is planned to compete in order to have exclusive contract with the new customer in our scope job service. To meet with the customer expectation, we always has an excellent quality and performance, by having and preparing the high competence level of engineer and technician teams. The strategy of DMI will use the standard procedure and policy to make a successfull project

Quality :
– Make sure the workmanship is capable to do the System Integration, Engineering, installation & Commissioning
– Make sure all materials will be installed completely and good condition as detail specification needed.
– Prepare all the tools and measurement to meet the standard installation and procedure.
– Checking the installation work properly base on the specification.

Safety :
– Make sure all equipment and tooling in a good condition
-Make sure the environment in safe condition for manpower
-Must be use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment )

Healthy :
– Make sure the first aid measures are available.
– Make sure all the manpower in fit and healthy condition.

Environment :
– Agrees and supports energy saving program by prioritizing the use of energy saver or green technology.
– All the excess materials should be cleaned up from the environment and throw it to the basket when finishing the installation.
– Calculate all material installation for efficiency

Organization Management

The way of DMI manage the organization is to have cross functional teams in a functional organization whereas the project manager will have responsibility matrix between executing level and top management level. Project manager has ownership responsibility for delivery of project benefit and functionality. The intention of DMI model is to have slim and efficient organization in term of cutting cost within small headcount.

The management model are having three core which are:
1. Top management
2. Project management
3. Executing Team


Top Management :
DMI top management make strategic decisions, business development, provide new business and the products. The top management is to identify risks and some of project issues. The top management will therefore receive consolidated final report from project management

Project Management :
Project management of DMI is the area of project manager to provide framework on which the project manager can rely in terms of process and control. The project manager is a formal, centralized layer of control between top management and executing team. It is used for project that have critical impact on business operations or that have a large number of dependencies. Project management also can be exposure to multiple projects with multi-skills support from executor team and also can be used to facilitate knowledge transfer, so that the training is conducted to have internal trainers.

Executor Team :
DMI will provide a multi-skill engineers and technicians with expertise in each of the areas critical as executor team. This also applied as responsibility matrix to have slim and efficient organization and reduce operational expenses

Organization Chart